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As a local meet up, we are planning to meet at so called shady bars to discuss the project and just meet people! 

Let us go to Shady bars. Why are these bars called shady? The unwarranted things that happen here. Being a woman it is hard to go out and always pay more money for the drinks because the shady bars can get unsafe for them.Women deserve cheap alcohol as well. Visit the nearest shady bar half a dozen times, and the server and you will be on first name basis. They will also memorise your favourites and bring it to you with a smile. Isn’t that great? Yes EDM is cool, yes it’s the golden era of Dubstep, but nothing beats the thrill of listening to 'Sadakku pole' at Appu’s . Also, the people are way more interesting, just ask the uncle dancing to ‘Karuthavanlaam Galeejaam’. The feel: This is again subjective, but some of us feel at home at a shady bar. The dimly lit, cramped tables soothe our souls. Shady bars give us a sense of comfort that no other bar can and that’s why we keep going back. Cheap drinks and the amazing peanuts that come from tiny packets! Partial text from

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